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Salvation Army International Headquarters

Our International Headquarters are located in London. Its core mission is to support the General as he/she leads the Salvation Army worldwide and therefore to be the dynamo that inspires, directs, supports and resources the SA territories around the world.

To accomplish these goals, the General uses his powers of delegation and IHQ works as a team. The Chief of the Staff is the chief executive, and there are nine international secretaries, under whom all aspects of activity are grouped. Five of these international secretaries are 'geographic' and represent different parts of the world. Four of the international secretaries are 'functional' and represent the functions of administration, personnel, business and programme resources.


The Christian Mission Headquarters, Whitechapel Road in London, became the Army's first International Headquarters in 1880. However, the Founder soon decided that a move into the City of London would be beneficial and in 1881 IHQ was moved to 101 Queen Victoria Street. Sixty years after this move the IHQ building was destroyed by fire during the Second World War. The rebuilt headquarters was opened by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in 1963.

In 2001, IHQ took up residence in the William Booth College (the officers' training college in South London) when it was decided to redevelop the site in Queen Victoria Street. The new building was opened by HRH The Princess Royal on November 9, 2004.

The new building is the smallest IHQ the Army has ever had. This is not because the Army internationally is getting smaller. On the contrary, the Army is bigger today than it has ever been. The smallness of the team is due to administrative readjustments and downsizing. But it is a team with a diverse range of skills which is becoming more and more representative of the Army's ethnic diversity around the world


All territories have the same mission, accept the same doctrines, are governed by the same set of directives in the form of internationally binding Orders and Regulations, and their officers and soldiers sign the same covenants. And yet at the same time there is diversity between territories. This diversity is essential. The Army must adapt to the local culture and circumstances if it is to achieve its mission. A continuing challenge for IHQ is to maintain unity amid this diversity.

To find out more about the Salvation Army, visit our International Headquaters website.

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