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Headquarters of the Salvation Army in Paris, France.

The French Salvation Army Congregation

The Salvation Army (L'Armée du Salut in French), an Evangelistic movement, became a Congregation in 1994. This came about because of the professionalism of the Army's social establishments and the constraints of the French laws concerning the separation of Church and State, which made a restructuring of the movement obligatory, with a separation of the spiritual and the temporal.

Today, the Congregation of the Salvation Army has the same values as its secular branch, the Salvation Army Foundation. Nonetheless the Congregation has not renounced its social vocation, but undertakes social action in its own locality, thus renewing the missionary spirit of the movement's pioneers.

" With God, with Others, with Oneself" : the Congregation's creed reaffirms the Salvationists' desire to stay faithful to the teachings of the Bible as they commit themselves to serve God and to respect others, whatever the other person's history or beliefs may be.

In France, the Congregation has :
- 26 evangelistic corps;
- a chaplaincy is established in some of the Salvation Army Foundation's establishments.

It participates in a chaplaincy service in the prisons where the French Protestants Federation works and it also has a chaplain who visits the hospitals of Paris and those nearby.

Colonel Daniel Naud, Territorial Commander of France and Belgium Territory

The French Salvation Army Foundation

Created in 2000 as the social arm of the French Salvation Army, the Foundation works in three directions : "To help, to accompany, to rebuild"

To help

Persons in difficulty, persons who are lonely, desperate, often victims of physical or moral violence etc., situations of exclusion and distress are numerous today.

More than ever these men, women and families need the offer of a helping hand It is this simple, yet essential, gesture which is carried out daily by the Salvation Army.

In its emergency shelters, the Salvation Army unconditionally receives each person seeking a bed for the night. This includes a hot meal on arrival and breakfast the next morning, before leaving the centre.

Persons excluded from society may also benefit from temporary accommodation in a Salvation Army establishment. Medical care is always available.

For these people, each Salvation Army establishment is a meeting point, a community, offering a respite from discouragement and despondency.

Each year, the French Salvation Army Foundation :

  • serves 110 000 street meals, with volunteer help,
  • accommodates 160 000 persons in difficulty in its emergency shelters,
  • receives 74 000 persons in its day centers,
    cares for 50 patients in its convalescent home,
  • helps 40 missing persons to find their family and loved ones through its Family Tracing Service

To accompany

Emergency assistance is no longer adequate. In order to help each person recover his dignity, the Salvation Army Foundation assists the more fragile populations on a medium and long-term basis with a view to social insertion, extending beyond their immediate needs. 

 For this purpose, the Salvation Army manages specialized structures. Some are reserved for young people (care for young delinquents, etc.) Others offer medical care, or a special service for alcoholics. The Foundation also helps isolated single mothers to give birth to their child in correct conditions, including an indispensable psychological follow-up. 

Establishments for senior citizens or ageing handicapped people provide an environment adapted to the different needs.

 Each year, Salvation Army Foundation

  • welcomes 3 300 persons in its social homes,
  • cares for 400 children or teenagers,
  • accomodates 85 elderly and 40 elderly handicapped persons in its retirement homes,
  • welcomes 37 isolated women and their babies in a maternity home, 
  • helps 72 handicapped people

To rebuild

 Our ultimate ambition is to promote the reinsertion of persons on the fringe of society, in order to assist them in their personal "reconstruction".

The Salvation Army Foundation posesses specially adapted hostels, which are available for those who manifest the desire to progress towards complete autonomy. Here, the residents have access to psychological assistance, educational help, or they may take part in workshops aimed at preparing them for future employment. Since the establishment of these hostels, many people have been able to change direction in their lives by taking their future in hand, no longer simply accepting their fate but instead, working towards social reintegration. 

Each year, accompanied by teams of doctors, psychologists, social assistants, specialized educators and other motivated employees, the Foundation :

  • holds workshops aimed at "the remobilization and establishment of an identity" (hygiene, employment, health…) for several thousand adults.
  • operates a therapeutic and educational farm for mentally handicapped persons.
  • permits several hundred young people to benefit from certain educational programs (personal hygiene, behavior in society, etc…), general educational assistance, professional training, holiday centers…

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France and Belgium Territorial Headquaters are based in Paris, France.

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